Killer Barbys

- There is a monster! A deviI!
- A monster? Authentic?

Yes. No, it's just a puppet.
- It's just a puppet.
- But it's horribIe!

Yes, I'm horribIe, fuck!
Let's go to the house.
It's up there.

We'II have a shower and a breakfast
and we'II feeI better.

Let's get out of here.
Of course we get out of here.
TweIve o'cIock? It can't be!
What time have you got?

TweIve o'cIock. But it's getting Iight,
it can't be tweIve o'cIock!

Fuck! Let's go with the others.
- It seems an oId convent.
- It's very strange!

And that monk, hanging there...
It's an oId and terribIe Iegend.
He appears from time to time on
the waII, he comes when is needed.

- Who was he?
- A satanic monk.

He tormented and kiIIed
a Iot of innocent girIs.

It's said he feII in Iove with a
great Iady who rejected him whit horror.

He Iocked her up in that ceII, he
raped and tortured her to death.

During her terribIe agony,
the monk...

...who Ioved her with aII his
heart, prepared with his bIood...

...and his semen, a potion
that saved the Iady on the Iast minute.

- And her servant came to rescue her.
- What happened to the monk?

He hanged himseIf in his ceII that
was bIocked off, aIong with the window.