La Sindrome di Stendhal

"Why didn't you warn him
that the boat had a hole in it?".

And the great judge replies:
"The question of the boat's
condition was not raised".

I know you're suffering but
the things that happened take time.

I don't have time.
He might appear at any moment.
- He's dead.
- Yeah? Who says so, you?

Did they find the body? No.
I can sense that he's still
thinking about me...

that he wants me...
that he stills exists.
I've recovered from one thing:
The Stendhal Syndrome.

Paintings don't obsess me anymore.
Don't look at it!
He left his mark on me.

They say that after 2 years and 4
operations the scar will disappear.

Do you think it will?
I'm sorry.
- Are you interested a lot in art?
- Yes. You too?

Very much, yes.
I study Fine Arts here in Rome.