- Down with capitalism!
- Death to priests!

Long live Durruti!
Long live the workers!
Long live the FAI!
Come along, sisters.
A little bit of order.
Silence, please!
Sister Agueda...
Sister Carmela...
Sister EncarnaciĆ³n...
It isn't much, but it will
get you back to your families.

You'll leave at once.
Sister Amparo...
Be careful, talk as little
as possible to people.

Trust no one, except God.
He will never abandon you.

Sister Maria...
The most innocent,
the most defenseless...

...the furthest from her home.
He will take care of you.
Mother, I'm frightened.
Who will help you if you stay?

A Mother Superior
belongs with her convent.

Let's see.
St. Matthew, chapter six,
verse twenty five.

Do not worry about your life,
what you are to eat or drink...

...nor about your body
and how to clothe it.

Is not life more than food,
the body more than clothing?

Continue, Maria.
The birds in the sky
do not sow or reap...

...but your heavenly Father
feeds them.

Are you not worth much more
then they are?

Do you still believe that God
will not watch over me...

...and all of you?
No, mother.