Loch Ness

You can see every mollusc.
You can see every inch.
(steady beeping)
We're gonna see it.
I know it.
How can it not be there?
How can what not be there, Adrian?
The creature.
You know, in prehistoric times,
the loch was connected to the sea,

but it was cut off
during the second Ice Age.

An aquatic dinosaur
here would've been...

Trapped in an isolated aquarium,
able to sustain itself
and escape extinction.

Nice theory.
Come on, man.
We get the Discovery Channel, too,
you know.

Look, I don't want to seem
impertinent, Doctor...

Sometimes it sounds like
you believe there's nothing there.

You're in the ballpark there.
So the locals need a legend, because
their livelihood depends on it,

but what about the evidence?
It's a large pinniped,
maybe a Pleistocene relic.

I believe strongly, Doctor, that what's
down here is not a tabloid monster.

- It's a biological phenomenon.
- Come on!

Would you give me a break?
Dr Dempsey?
Nothing on the rear scanner, Adrian!