Loch Ness

But it's not gonna happen. There's
nothing here or in British Columbia.

There's nothing unexplained
flying in the skies at night.

That is just a wish list, Adrian,
to make us feel there's more to life
than the shit we got stuck with.

Believing is not enough.
Don't make the same mistake I did.
- (Laura) Sit down, Izzy. Come on.
- It's just not comfortable.

(Laura) You're on cushions,
so you should be.

- Are there any napkins?
- Tomorrow I'll get some napkins.

- Promise?
- I promise.

What else do we have to get?
Milk, biscuits.

Potat... Potatoes.
You look sad, Mr Dempsey.
My mummy asked if you want to have
dinner with us before you leave.

Would you like to?
This is very nice.
Mr Dempsey...
Isabel said you were expecting me
to join you for dinner.

Right. Right, yeah. Of course.
Maybe I misunderstood.
Why don't I take this upstairs and...?

No, no.
I wouldn't hear of it, honestly.

Is there anything wrong with it?
You've hardly touched it.

No, it's wonderful.
I just wasn't very hungry.