Looking for Richard

We're making a documentary about
making Shakespeare accessible to people.

Those people, the people in the street.
They're not gonna get Richard III.
I can't even get it, it's too complicated.

Then why is it Shakespeare's
most popular play?

- Wait, what did you say?
- Who says it's popular?

It is! It's performed more than Hamlet.
So what?
I run before my horse to market.
Clarence still lives and breathes.
Edward still reigns.
When they are gone...
...then must I count my gains.
But, soft! Here come my executioners.

Are you going to dispatch this thing?
We are, my lord.
Come to have the warrant...

...that we may be admitted
to where he is.

Well thought upon.
I have it here about me.

But, sirs, be sudden in your execution.
Do not hear him plead.
For Clarence is well-spoken...

...and may move your hearts to pity
if you mark him.

Be assured we go to use our hands...
...not our tongues.
PACINO: I like you, lads.

About your business straight.
We will, my noble lord.
Go, go, dispatch.
Here's a place for the Clarence scene.

Just get Clarence very tight...
...in here, and you have all of the dead
pigeon feathers...

...and the guano and the texture...
...of the wall.
Just imagine you're close in.