Mars Attacks!

Oh, Louise.
Sorry to call you at work, but...
...the boys haven't been home
in two nights. I don't know what to do.

You're doing the best you can.
They're just at that age.
The casino manager's giving me
the evil eye. I've gotta go.

I'll call you later, okay?
Are you still cool on me
coming to Washington?

'Course I am.
You take care, okay? Bye.
Must you drink in front of me?
You're an adult. Just cope.
It doesn't help me
that all we ever do is sit in bars.

This is work, baby, okay?
I'm checking the decor,
the lighting, the traffic flow.

lf I'd known you'd turn into a crook,
I wouldn't have married you.

I'm not a crook.
I'm ambitious. There's a difference.
lf you think you can make
a nickel in this town...

...without knowing how to dally
around a few curves, well...

:08:11 know nothing
of the gambling industry.

The Galaxy's going to be
the best hotel in Vegas.

The best!
I promise.
But don't you realize what you're doing?
You're destroying the Earth!

All this greed! This money system!
You're destroying everything!
Okay, Barbara, okay.
Keep your voice down.
I got friends here.
Hit me one more time.
Stop flirting with the waitress.
God. Here.
Go over to the roulette...
:08:48 our anniversary...
...and stay off of black.