Mars Attacks!

Thank you.
You be careful. Don't get yourself killed.
Ain't she cute?
-We're real proud of you.
-Thanks, Dad.

Let me take this.
So long, retard. Don't touch
any of my stuff while I'm gone.

Bye-bye, Grandma.
Good-bye, Thomas.
It's Billy-Glenn, Grandma.
I know, Thomas.
Bye-bye, honey.
I must go.
Take care of my boy.
He'll be all right.
I hope so.
Army trains them good.
He's gone for a while.
Why can't you be more like your brother?
We got lucky with Billy-Glenn.
You can't expect the same luck twice.

Richie, want to make yourself useful
for a change?

Sure, Dad.
Take Grandma back to the home.
I bet you never thought you'd live
to see the Martians come.

It's pretty far out.
But think of all the crazy things
you must have seen.