She devoured one book after another.
When she finished all the children's
books. She searched for others.

Mrs. Phelps, who had been
watching herwith fascination, -

- offered Matilda some information.
You can have your own library card,
and take books home.

- You can take as many as you like.
- That would be wonderful.

Matilda's strong mind continued
to grow, nurtured by the authors -

- who had sent their books out into
the world, like ships onto the sea.

The books gave Matilda a comforting
message: You are not alone.

Did any packages come today?
- Where did all this come from?
- The library.

- The library? You're only four!
- 6...

Then you'd be in school already.
I was supposed to start school
in September. You wouldn't listen.

Get up.
Give me that book!
- How old is Matilda?
- Four.

- I'm 6... I was six in August.
- You're a liar.