I did not glue my hat to my head!
The fibres fused to my hair!

Baby, wait a minute!
I'm getting it now.

Oh, my God!
From now on, this family does
exactly what I say, when I say it!

Here's your hat.
Right now, we are eating dinner
and watching TV.

Are you ready to get sticky
with Mickey?

Are you ready to get sticky
with Mickey?

Shut your light off.
For those idiots who don't know
how to play, here's how it goes.

For each correct answer, you'll move
one step closer to our cube of cash!

Any money that sticks to your
gooey body, you get to take home!

- Hi. Dad.
- Are you in this family?

Hello. Are you in this family?
What is this trash you're reading?
It's lovely. It's "Moby Dick",
by Herman Melville.

Moby what?
This is filth!

- It's a library book!
- I'm fed up with all this reading!

You're a Wormwood! Act like one!
Sit up and look at the TV!

Get real sticky
and get cash for free.

Let's get sticky!