Maximum Risk

In the Zanzibar Club an unidentifiied
man and woman were beingpursued...

He was in trouble.
He wouldn't admit it, though.

He always said
he had everything under control.

He had a lot of money put away.
Enough for a lifetime.

He had a plan to get out of the mob.
I guess he was wrong.

They found him.
What did my brother mean to you?
- Take me to his place.
- His place? Are you crazy?

You almost got us killed. You don't
know who you're dealing with.

If you want to kill yourself, okay,
but you're not risking my life.

I can't go home or to work.
You've painted a target on my back.

Where's the bill?
Mikhail used to say we had
to keep on the move all the time.

It's time for us to move.
They'll find us.

The cabby didn't have to die,
you know.