Norma Jean & Marilyn

Please, come to the railing
and be comforted.

The Lord be with you.
...Like it's the most natural thing
in the world. Nobody looks at me funny.

Nobody even gives it a second thought.
I mean, I have this dream all the time.
There's never any sense
of sin or shame in it.

Don't you just love being naked?
Uh, look, I know we just met
and everything

but would you like to go out on a date
with me on Saturday night,

Norma Jean?.
My uncle,
Ted Lewis is opening a show...

The Ted Lewis?.
Ted Lewis is your uncle!?.
Oh wow! God, Eddie, I'd love to go!
Yeah! Oh, my heart is beating so fast.
Can you feel it?.
It's like having
our own private swimming pool.

And to think they pay you for this.
Yep. Eighty dollars a week just to sit
in that life guard's tower over there.

The best part, by far,
is that Miss Emmeline Snively's
Blue Book

Modeling Agency is located right
in the lobby.

Well, I'll tell you a secret,
Mr. Edward Jordon.

I don't intend to be
a bathing suit model

for too much longer.