Norma Jean & Marilyn

Just come say hello.
Come on now, little lady.
We're gonna have a good ol' time.
Just you and me and Gracie.
Come on. Up!
What do you say
we go pick up your things?.

And then,
what does Harlow say to Ben Lyon?.

She says,
"I wanna be free, be gay, have fun!

Life's short,
but I want to live when I'm alive."

And "Dinner at Eight."
What does she say in "Dinner at Eight?. "
Um, to Marie Dresser?.
Dress -- ler.
She says, "Do you know
machinery's going to take the place
of every profession?. "

And then, what does Marie Dressler say?.
"Oh, my dear, that is something
you need never worry about. "

Oh, that is so good. That is perfect!
Just perfect!

Baby, your mama's here.
Can you say hello?.
Alright, here we go.
Oh, oh...Oh, my God.
Easy, Gladys. That's alright.
It's alright. It'll be alright.
we'll just set you down right there.

Oh, my back.
It's okay. It's okay.
Isn't she pretty, Gladys?.
Tell your mama what'ch you're gonna be
when you're all grown up.

Say, "A movie star, baby."
Tell her you're gonna be a movie star.
Gonna be our own Norma Jean Swanson.
Or maybe we'll call you
Norma Jean Stanwick!

How'd that be?.