Norma Jean & Marilyn

What are those?.
Can't seem to get to sleep
without them anymore.

And these are Benzedrine.
One to go up and one to go down.
I hope your doctor knows
what he's doin'.

That stuff's really dangerous.
Actually, your uncle sends them to me.
You're crazy! You wanna kill yourself?.
I know what I'm doing,
and I know exactly what I need.

You're just gonna
have to take me the way I am, Eddie.

Take me the way I am
or don't take me at all.

Most of the gals who pose
for us are actresses or models.

Usually the don't like to give
their real name.

So you can make up any name you like.
How about Margaret Tuman?.
Or what about Judy Garland?.
Oh, honey, I could tell you stories,
believe me.

Okay, Norma Jean. Get ready.
Great. Mmm, good.
Very good.

Okay, here we go.
Get in position. Yes. Oohhh.

I like that. Oh, beautiful.
Right in the camera.


This girl's gonna be a major star,

Just look at these fairways, will you?.
Like velvet and right
in the middle of the desert.

Hillcrest is a goat track compared
to this place.

I'll tell you something,
she has real flesh appeal.

Oh, yeah?.