Norma Jean & Marilyn

Doll, do you have a picture comin' up?.
Why, I don't know.
You'll have to ask Mr. Skouras here.

How about a big smile?.
Well, I mean, I think
it's time for us to renegotiate.

Yeah, well, Russel's getting a $ 100,000
and we're still capped off
at five hundred a week.

Yeah, but Jane Russel's
a well known star

with an established track record.
Well, maybe so,
but the name of the picture is

"Gentlemen prefer Blondes"
and she is definitely not the blonde.

So, we want a large dressing room with
Donna, get Dr. Prinzmetal...
What was that?.

Hey, what's going on?.
Johnny?. Johnny?.
Oh, Johnny.
Johnny, Johnny, please wake up. Please.

Told you she was a lousy actress.
I want you to go to his house,
round up all her slutty clothes,

dump 'em in the backyard
and light a match.

Then call someone
and have all the locks changed.

But first, get her outta here,
I don't care if you have to drag her.

We're just like a little family now.
Aren't we, Natasha?.

But what if I don't want it to be over.
I'm in love with you, Fred.
You cry too easily.
It's because your brain isn't developed

Compared to your bosom, it's embryonic.
What does that mean?.
Look it up!
You mind inert.