Qin song

Your kingdom's crack troops--
only fit to work as slaves...
on the Great Wall
and the sacrificial altar.

When he rules all, our king...
will be called emperor.
Why won't my father
give me some slaves?

Aren't you tired,
carting me about?

He should swap you around.
That's impossible, ma'am.
Only eunuchs like us
may serve you.

That's an iron-cast rule.
What a place.
Even whores act so grand.

You've insulted my fiancée,
the princess.

Brand this one now!
What are you doing?
I'm Gao Jianli!

Ma'am, this prisoner
insulted you.

Really? Say it again!
Even whores act so grand.
T ake me over there.
Prepare the brand.
I want some fun, too.

Get your king here.
Say it again!
I'll brand you each time.

Get your king here!
What is this man's crime?
Hiding banned books,
spreading rumors.

What is a banned book?
Any book you ban, Sire.