Qin song

Stick to music.
You're good at that.

You can live here
in complete peace.

You'll live like a king.
But if you act like a spoiled child,
history will remember you as a f ool.

You're not allowed
to leave, sir.

I want to shit!
Please go ahead, sir.
You're going to watch?
Get out!

But we must guard
your saf ety.

I'm getting closer
to my grave now...

but I will conquer
the Chu kingdom.

However, I will need
one million men.

You're not in your dotage yet.
One million men
is our whole army.

If you fail,
the kingdom will collapse.

I f eel 500,000 is enough.
The job requires one million.
Victory will be difficult
with less.

I still f eel 500,000
is our limit.

You know Chu
like the back of your hand.