Qin song

You rule all the land on Earth.
Everyone is your sub ject.
He is my only captive.
Now you want him back.
A king never kids around!
All right,
he can teach you the qin.

He can be your shadow.
I give my consent.

You silly girl.
Even you belong to me.

This capital of Chu...
will be my fifth betrothal gift.
Once we take Qi,
even Ying Zheng...

will have to stick to his word.
You mean we're risking our lives
just so I can marry a cripple?

Grow up.
So what if she's crippled...
or blind, deaf,
a hunchbacked cretin?

You must marry her f or me.
She will ensure
the family future.

Master Gao
is here f or your lessons.