Qin song

Those two brothers thought
they'd con me.

I certainly played along
with them.

One's dead.
The other's off to sea
with the kids.

If he can find that island...
we'll incorporate it
into the kingdom.

If he can't,
the fish'll eat him.

You can't f eed the kids
to the fish, too.

Why not?
It's a gamble,
but losing can be fun too.

I think it was Xu Fu
who smelled fishy.

He's the one
who's not a virgin.

You're right.
Why didn't I think of that?

Your brother must be
out at sea by now?

He wouldn't dare delay
an important job.

I want to see
if you are a virgin or not.

Your Ma jesty.
You're pushy,
just like your father.

No one can resist.
The calamus and absinth
are mixed now.