Qin song

Do you still want to die?
I'd willingly die
to be with you.

An assassin!
Block the roads
and catch him!

Your wagon has fallen
into a trap.

Your Ma jesty.
Gao Jianli protected
the princess...

but he himself
is seriously wounded.

Save him!
This is the 19th attempt
on my lif e.

We're searching
f or the assassin.

When he conf esses,
we'll get them all.

That's no use.
- Kill everyone f or a mile around.
- As Sire decrees.

Better make it three miles.
Do as he says.
I've lost again.
I won't play anymore.

You eunuchs are too clever.
It was my only brother
who castrated me.

But as a prince
you have many brothers.

Just think
if they took up the knif e.

Sir, I've won again.