Qin song

Even a dwarf like you
dares outdo me.

We've f ound it, Sire.
We need a man
with yang energy's hair.

It can restore circulation.
- We will seek such a man at once.
- Cut the crap!

No, not a hair on your head
may be harmed.

Your Ma jesty.
Word from General Wang Jian.
He is too sick
f or the strategy meeting.

You're tired too.
Shall we postpone?

We will proceed as planned.
Winning Qi is our final task.
No delay.

I have an order!
Send ten doctors
to see Wang Jian.

If he's breathing,
he'll be here.

He's alive! Jianli's alive!
So, your hair
got his circulation going.

You've had a nice long nap
f or five days.

Y ueyang's been by your side
all along.

Wasn't I perf orming f or you
just now?

The river mists have lifted.
My spirit has been released.