Qin song

That's just a f olk tune
from my home.

I've been a hostage
since I was born.

Get out of here.
My lif e's been at risk
f or twelve years.

I could have died anytime.
Only this tune of yours...
which you call
just a f olk tune...

rescues me
from the f ear of death.

I have sought death,
but without success.

I have tried but failed
to throw it off.

Sometimes I try
to strike out against it.

But something
holds me back.

Death is my addiction.
Jianli, Fate gave you to me.
You are a part of me now.
You must suff er
together with me.

The Qin anthem
is a kind of ode.

You've written
an ode to Y ueyang.

So you can make millions
sing my anthem.