Qin song

Your Ma jesty.
Get out of here.
I want to see you drunk.
T ake Gao back
to his chambers.

He is recovering,
so take care with him.

Y es, Sire.
The princess is confined
to her quarters.

How far may she go?
The two watchtowers.
No one may enter.

- What about...?
- What about who?

- Gao Jianli.
- No one.

The scripts
of the other kingdoms...

including soon-to-be-won Qi...
will be replaced
by those of Qin.

Then I will write
my first edict.

This will be to make Gao
court composer.

That position is responsible
f or rites.

Only royalty
has had the job bef ore.

A branded man
cannot do this job.

What battles has he won
to merit this?

A biting madman...
whose jumbled tunes
jangle the senses.

Who else f eels this way?
We all do.
Zhao Gao,
what about you?