Qin song

What do you think?
No need to be so formal.
The whole game hangs
on this final move.

I hear I have
8,000 palace women.

I've picked you a few.
There are others.

Lovely. Very nice.
I should have done this
long ago.

I've told my courtiers
to forgive you.

Without women,
they'd be like caged cats.

Hang on.
You're a puny little guy.

These are f or Wang Ben.
I want Y ueyang.

She's my masterpiece.
Of the bunch,
I only want one bloom.

Okay. Go ask Wang Ben.
Then Wang Jian.

They've served us
f or three generations.

Think the army
and ministers will agree?

If you won't give me Y ueyang,
kill me.

Killing you
is the same as killing...

the Qin anthem Heaven desires.
My desires come bef ore Heaven's.
You want Y ueyang,
and she likes that.

So do l.
But you must yield
f or the Qin Empire.

Wait until
you've made your name.

Then you can turn
the game around.

I'd rather join
the work gang again...

and die on
your sacrificial altar.

Is that up to you?
My brother is
at the East China Sea.