Qin song

When you jumped
on the princess...

where was the Way of Heaven

War, legislation,
your little affair.

They're all a game of chess.
I can only move
by the rules of the game.

There is no other way
f or me to survive.

I carved that prophecy
into the stone.

Kill me and stop slaughtering
the others.

You have no right
to ask to die.

My aim is
to put an end to war.

I may have to kill a million
f or that.

I should have died
a hundred times already.

But I've got
unfinished business.

You can't die.
Your music helps me
escape f ear...

and understand my people.
We should f ollow
the true Way of Heaven.

T ogether, we should see
China united...

and the people's hearts
united, too.

I will compose
the Qin anthem.

I will be
your court composer.

I will be as loyal
as your shadow.

I will let you marry Y ueyang
to Wang Ben.