Qin song

Are you a man
or a devil?

T wo dogs must fight
if there's only one bone.

But who wants the bone
if one dies?

I've understood that
since I was a kid.

I was made king
at the age of 13.

I had the strangest dream
that night.

Headless ghosts
were chasing me.

They have to be
the six kingdoms.

I ran.
I ran to you.
Then the ghosts went away.

You were playing your qin.
That has to be the Quin anthem.

Then I flew up into the clouds.
I was still running
and running...

until I e jaculated.
Y es!
That must mean
climbing the sacrificial altar...

and lighting the fire.
Know what I dreamt of
the first time I came?

What else could it be
but a woman?

And I was sucking
your mother's tits.

And it came true.
It came true with Y ueyang.
You sensitive musicians.
Whining all the time.