Qin song

The ceremony starts
in two hours.

Put on your imperial robes, Sire.
Why won't you tell me
the truth?

Wait till after the ceremony.
Our condolences
to Your Ma jesty.

T oday's ceremony establishes
the Qin empire...

and makes you the emperor.
An eternal empire
begins with you, Sire.

All families have lost members
f or Qin.

Could yours be the only one
not to?

Everything has its price...
but why did it have to be
Y ueyang?

She had just learned
to run.

And she ran so beautifully.
Why won't you tell me
the truth?

Okay, but you must
put on your robes...

because you must
complete the ceremony.

Wang Ben cut
her head off first.

Then her f eet, her hands
and her breasts.

Finally, he cut out
her vagina.