Sling Blade

A Mercury is a real good car.
That was the car
I was driving that day.

I owned a lot of cars.
Yeah, different kinds.
A lot of different kinds of cars.
She was standing, this girl...
on the side of the street
by this chicken stand.

Not the Colonel's,
a different chicken stand.

I pulled the Mercury up alongside...
and rolled down the window
by electric power.

And she had this leather skirt on...
and she had a lot of hair
on her arms.

I like that. It means a big bush,
which I like.

She says, "Are you dating?"
You know?

I said, "Sure."
So she gets in...

and we pull off into...
this remote location
comfortable for both of us.

She says, "How much
do you want to spend?"

I said, "Enough to see
your bush. I know it's big."

She says, "$25."
That's not chicken feed
to a working man.

I produce the $25,
she sticks it in her shoe...

pulls up her skirt...
and there is thin, crooked,
uncircumcised penis.

You can imagine I wanted my $25 back.