Sling Blade

I'm going to have a hard time eating
around that kind of thing.

Just like with antique furniture
and midgets.

I can't so much as drink a glass of
water around a midget or an antique.

Doyle, you're awful.
You shouldn't be that way.

I ain't saying it's right. It's just
the truth. He'll make me sick.

- What was he in the nut house for?
- He's just retarded, I guess.

No, he had of gone nuts
and did something.

A lot of retards running around that
ain't locked up in the nut house.

Think about it, Linda.
You know what he done, Frank?
- I ain't sure.
- You oughta want to find out.

He might have hacked his family
to pieces with a hatchet or something.

Frank, you'd better ask him.
Don't hurt his feelings,
but it would be good to know.

I'm sure it's nothing.
He seems sweet.

You're all hung up
on people being sweet.

He's sweet. Everybody's sweet. Speaking
of sweet, where's your girlfriend?

- I thought he was coming over.
- He'll be here in a while.

- We're going for ice cream.
- Now ain't that sweet.

What do I do about supper while you're
running around with that fag?

You're not crippled.
Go make something.

Talking back and everything,
aren't you?

That makes me horny.
Frank, go and play in your room,
if Doyle's going to talk nasty.

- I don't want to go play.
- He don't want to. Let him stay.

Let's be a family till your mentally
retarded and homosexual friends arrive.

Yes, sir?
You're really going to stay here.
That boy wants me to.
Have you knocked yet?
- No, sir, I ain't.
- How long have you been here?

Quite a spell, I reckon.