Sling Blade

Before you get used to staying here,
we need to talk about a few things.

Can I take you to lunch?
I done ate a little bit ago.
I mean tomorrow
or the next day.

I reckon I could eat something
at noontime.

Bill Cox generally gets me
a box lunch...

but I reckon he can
lay off doing it tomorrow.

Then I'll come by and
pick you up around noon, all right?

All right, then.
There's your girlfriend.
Y'all come on in.
Come on. Have a seat in here.
- Hey, Vaughan. How are you, Karl?
- Tolerable, I reckon.

Karl, this is Doyle. Frank, you and Karl
go fix him up a place in the garage.

- Vaughan, you ready to go?
- Sure.

Honey, don't rush everybody off.
- You and Karl want to go with us?
- I don't want to.

We got things we need to do.
Vaughan, you know what I heard?
That you been putting it on Albert
Sellers over at the funeral home.

- I know Albert. We're friends.
- I heard you was more than friends.

I heard Dick Rivers caught you two
going at it in the same room...

with poor old Mrs. Ogletree and her dead
as a doornail laid out on a gurney.

- That's ridiculous, a total lie.
- Let's go, Vaughan.

We'll be back in a while.
I'll bring you something.

- Your food's in the oven warming over.
- You fixed him something.

Vaughan, I was just going on with you.
Just joking around. You know, buddy.

I know. You're a real card.
Karl, come over,
sit down and talk to me.