Spy Hard

Could I get you
something to drink?

We'll have dry Minoli and Russos,
on the rocks,

stirred, not beaten,
twist of lemon,

in chilled glasses,
not frozen.

And two of those
curly little straws.

Thirty hours, 11 minutes and 10 seconds.
Thirty hours, 11 minutes
and 8 seconds.

Thirty hours, 11 minutes
and 5 seconds.

[ Director Over Intercom ] Miss Cheevus,
when Agent Steele
arrives, send him right in.

- Miss Cheevus, is the director available?
- No, he's married.

- Oh, you kidder.
Miss Cheevus, you wouldn't be trying
to make things hard for me?

Oh, Dick, if only I could.
But you know you and I would work
so well together deep undercover.

You know the agency's rules
about secrecy. They're very... rigid.

- Yes, and we wouldn't want
to blow it, would we?

Why don't you two just get a motel room?
I need you in here now, Steele!