I'd like to cash these in again
for a bill.

Good luck.
Oh, well.
I need a bucket!
I need a bucket!
Guess who.
Pretty big investment here.
I need another 300
in tokens, please.

Good luck.
Yeah, I'll need it.
Thanks a lot.
- Hey, Sydney.
- John.

I kept doing that until I racked up
two grand on the rate card.

It worked.
They gave me a room.

The guy comes up and says...
"Can I get you anything?
Do you want a room, show tickets?"

I got two tickets to a show.
I got you one.

Plus that machine I was playing,
I accidentally hit it for 200 bucks.

- It works.
- Fucking-A, it does.

- This is what you do?
- Not anymore.

Shit, Sydney, this is great.
I mean, really.

Thank you.
Thanks a lot.

You're welcome.
Oh, I got that 150
that you gave me.