You want to see everything in films
like these

The more you see, the better
So why cut it?
So we won't see something
Why me? Please -
She was going to say something
Something he doesn't want us to hear
His name
- She knew who he was
- So what?

So now we know something
about him

You sound like the police
Hey, don't insult me
We must find who were her friends
He might be one of them
I've had enough of this
You're scared
Of course I am, this isn't a game.
It's real killing

Piss off, then.
I'll do this on my own

You don't get it - I said it's over!
For you as well
I don't want any trouble
- I won't get you into trouble
- So what will you do?

Go after anyone with a camera
like that?

And if you find him?
Or he finds you?

That's my problem
Too right it is
I've never been here, I don't know you
and I've never seen that tape

What is cinema?
Cinema is an industry, it's money
It's millions invested in films
and then retrieved at the box office

We have no cinema because it's not
seen as industry

There's no communication between
the makers and their public

We've reached a critical stage
Spanish cinema can only be saved
if it's accepted as an industrial factor