Tieta do Agreste

Your blessing, aunty.
Ricardo, my son, open it,
it's a gift from your aunt.

Is this Ricardo?
You could help Ascánio
to bring the energy.

I know.
Call the senator.
You're really interested
in helping this mayor.

- Ascánio is not the mayor.
- What civic awareness!

The senator is always at home,
when he's in Sao Paulo.

Who is it?
- Did the uniform fit you?
- It did. Quite well.

I made a mistake. I didn't
imagine you so grown up.

You will sleep here?
You are brunette!
I'm sorry you and Peto had
to give me your room.

It doesn't matter, aunty.
I liked it.
In Mangue Seco,
I always sleep in the hammock.

- Do you want to be a priest?
- My mother promised God.