Tieta do Agreste

Within few days,
I decided to stay.

After that I retired
and never left Mangue Seco.

Tieta. That's the way
I'm called.

What an honor
to do business with you.

Just tell me how much you want
for the land, Mr. Pires.

- I pay cash.
- There's no need of money.
If you agree,
I exchange it for your car.

My car? My love,
that's an imported car!

It's worth much more
than a plot of land in nowhere.

Mr. Pires can assume salaries
and construction material.

And I give you the change
you consider fair.

And you will forgive
Com. Dário's debt with you.

Due to a loan
at too high interest rates.

A house in Mangue Seco!
- Perpétua will say...
- It's an absurd!

- Madness!
- A waste! Money put away!

For God's sake! Don't throw
the cigarette away here.

- I never saw mommy so happy.
- It's pity I can't stay.

- Do you have much work to do?
- The usual.
It's been a long time
I don't look at the sky.

As the Secretary
to the City Hall...