Go ahead.
-It's your truck.
-No, you should.

The battle zone should
be north-east of 81 .

The battle zone?
What're we doing?
We're going again.
But back there you almost got killed!
Just a close call.
You're going to cross 15
at Oklahoma 412. 412.

Copy that. Haynes,
what's on the Mesonet?

Winds are continuing to back.
Okay, guys, lets go get it.
Mobile lab.
Is it me, or is the
main updraft shifting?

Upper-level winds are veering.
It might dissipate. Do we have
time to get in front of it?

Rotation is increasing. Shear is
90 knots. 50 outbound, 40 inbound.

We see a very pronounced hook.
Checking for you now.
We're getting south-east
gusts at 40 miles per hour.

Approaching 150 in the funnel.
Storm motion is 225 degrees
out of the south-west.

We're in position. Proceed.