Walking and Talking

Yeah, I think so.
Haven't seen you around.
Where you been? You
haven't rented lately.

I've been... busy.
Yeah, we have Jaws
in stock. I'll go get it.

Here you go.
Uh, phone number?


See ya.
"Rented lately"?
Are you crazy? I had sex
with you two weeks ago,

and now you're asking me
why I haven't rented lately?

I don't know. I... I...
I didn't know what to say.

How about... How about,
"Why haven't you called me?"
How about that?

I was busy, okay?
- Amelia, wait.
- Forget it.

No, wait. We'll finish this.
All right? 'Cause it's
not what you think.

Oh, no, it's never what I think.
I mean, that's what gets me
into these messes. Okay, what?

What is it? What is it?
I'm listening. What's the reason?

I know you... I know
you think I'm ugly.

- What?
- I know you referred to me
as "the ugly guy."

And I don't...
I don't need friends
who talk about me that way.

Okay? That's
why I didn't call you.

- I never... I don't know
why you think that.
- You got a message...

on your machine
when you were in the bathroom.

Some girl
was talkin' about me.

That's how I know.
- What message?
- I don't know. I erased it.