When We Were Kings

Against George Foreman,
who does away with his opponents

one after another
in less than three rounds?

It's hard for me
to conjure with that.

You always say "Muhammad, you're not
the same man you were 10 years ago."

I asked your wife
and she told me you're not the same
man you was two years ago!

After this fight
I suspect Ali will retire.

And through all of the years
my own memories of him
will be as a fighter,

and as the strange and curious
and gregarious and engaging

and sometimes cruel,
and sometimes family man that he is.

I'm gonna let everybody know
that that thing on your head

is a phoney
and it comes from the tail of a pony.

A stolen bicycle.
He had a bicycle
and he went to Columbia Gym.

There was something going on up there
and he left his bike parked outside.

So when he came out
someone had stolen it

and he went inside and he was crying
and he told the policeman there,
his name was Joe Martin,

that someone stole his bike.
And Joe Martin, he also taught the
little boys how to box in the evening

so he asked would he be interested
in learning how to box

and he told him yes, because if he
ever found out who stole his bike

he wanted to know how to fight
so he could beat them up.

(Commentator) An overhand right
sends Sonny to the canvas!

Referee Jersey Joe Walcott is trying
to get Ali to a neutral corner.

Ali yelling at Liston to get up...
- Anchor punch.
- Which fight?

I call it the anchor punch.
- The one Stepin Fetchit helped with?
- Yeah, man.

People couldn't see it,
it was so fast Sports Illustrated
got a slow-motion camera,

they clocked the punch and the punch
flew at 4/100ths of a second.

You can break a second
down to 100 pieces.

When people win a ski race
they say one and 16/100ths,