When We Were Kings

one and 32/100ths of a second,
so you break a second into 100 pieces
so, you know...that's quick,

they got a machine that goes,
like, fr-r-t, real quick, fr-r-t,

and it counts real quick, real quick.
And by the time that thing
hit four that's how quick,

from the time the punch started
to where it landed

was 4/100ths of a second,
an eye blink, like a camera flash.

That's 4/100ths of a second.
When I hit Sonny Liston
all those people blinked,

so they didn't see it.
- (Laughter)
- I swear!

(Ali) If you watch the film close,
keep your eyes real close...

- (Laughter)
- Keep looking.

I'm getting ready to hit him.
You got to hold your eyes and wait
or you won't see it, man!

Ali was a beautiful...specimen,
a fighting machine.
He was handsome,
he was articulate, he was funny,

And was whuppin' ass too.
(Reporter) 'Deposed champion
Cassius Clay, at court in Houston,

'is found guilty of violating
Selective Service laws

'by refusing to be inducted.
'He is sentenced to five years
in prison and fined $10,000.'

(Lee) 'The way he fused
politics and sports.

'Very few Black athletes had ever
talked the way Muhammad Ali talked

'without fear of something
happening to their careers.'

(Reporter) '..as a Moslem minister
made him exempt...'

(Man) 'He was already very unpopular
with mainstream Americans

'because he had joined
the Nation of Islam,

'which was perceived as
a radical Black separatist group.'

On top of that,
when he was called for induction

he refused to take the step forward.
He absolutely infuriated America.
Muhammad Ali said,
"No Viet Cong ever called me nigger."

The king is going home
to get his throne.

From root to fruit,
that's where everything started at.

This is God's act
and you're part of it.