When We Were Kings

This is no Hollywood set,
this is real.

Hollywood set up these scenes,
have somebody in the movies
playing his life.

We don't pick up a script.
We get up in the morning,
sometimes we feel good,
sometimes bad,

but we go through it with feeling.
'Muhammad Ali's a prophet, he gonna
be a fisherman for Elijah Muhammad.

'This is only a stop, look and
listen sign he's doing, fighting.'

We been fightin' ever since we met.
We beat Uncle Sam, come out
of the garage and beat number two.

First man ever did it. Rest of 'em
they put out of the country.

'This is God's act,
we just actors in it.

'If Jesus was here
everybody'd want his autograph

'and they'd be filming him.
'This is a sport,
that's why you walking, talk to him.'

I think Muhammad is a prophet.
How you gonna beat God's son?

Anybody who loves poor people
and little people gotta be a prophet.

He was champion of the world,
had a table full of food.

Had a house for his mother, one for
him and he told 'em to shove it.

If he couldn't love his god,
what do you think he is...mister?

(Boxers sparring and crowd shouting)
(Mailer) 'Ali trained for the Foreman
fight at Deer Lake, Pennsylvania.

'He trained very hard
for that fight,

'and had very good sparring partners.
'Larry Holmes was one of them.
'I was struck with how well
he actually handled Ali

'in their sparring sessions.
'He dominated Ali.
That wasn't uncommon.

'Ali would often not show his best
stuff with sparring partners,

'but would work on his weaknesses.
'He'd go against the ropes
and let people pummel him,

'very heavy hitters,
he'd let them bang away at him.

'As if he was training his body to
receive these messages of punishment