When We Were Kings

Bigger than Evel Knievel and
the Kentucky Derby on the same day.

The president of Zaire was willing
to put $10 million

of his country's own very scarce,
hard-earned currency on the line,

not for any
short-term economic reason

but because he felt
that the fight would be good

in terms of promoting Zaire and also
in terms of promoting himself,

and as Ali said at the time,
countries go to war
to get their names on the map

and wars cost
a lot more than $10 million.

(King) Some of the most dynamic
performers from Afro-America

will appear at the stadium in
Kinshasa on the 20th, 21st and 22nd,

with this theatrical release.
It will be James Brown,
soul brother number one...

- Is he playing?
- Yes, James Brown will be there.

We will have BB King, The Spinners...
This is the first assembly in history
where the top-notch Blacks of America

and the people of Africa had
something together, all on a level,

we're all meeting and learning more
about each other,

the first assembly among American
Black men and Africans in history

and it's a big honour.
Plus I gotta whup George!
'Got to whup George!'
We're gonna rumble in the jungle!
Come on, come on.
Speak up, boy. Go ahead.
- (Laughter)
- Good boy.

Get down.
- Quiet.
- George?

Is this fight against Ali
the toughest of your career?

(Man translates into French)
Could be, could be. I doubt it.
This is Muhammad Ali, September 10th
at New York City airport,

en route to Zaire to reclaim
the heavyweight title of the world.