When We Were Kings

(Bowens' translator) 'George Foreman?
We had heard he was a world champion.

'We thought he was white, then
we realised he was black, like Ali.

'But still, for us,
Foreman represented America.

'He arrived with a dog,
a German shepherd,

'which immediately offended Africans
'since the Belgians
had used them as police dogs.'

(Reporter) Ali said you're
the out-of-towner here.

Africa is the cradle of civilisation,
everybody's home is Africa.

(Cheering and shouting)
OK, fine.
So, they're leaving tomorrow...

Typhoid. How do you spell typhoid?
Is that all that we're giving?

(2nd woman) Who do you want to be
your beneficiary in case of anything?

(Man on PA) 'You need
a ticket to get on the plane.'

Let me see some hands of the 51
who don't have airline tickets.

Hi! You know who we are, don't you?
I'm Lola Love, I'm with the dancers
of the James Brown show, revue.

Zai-ere, or Zare,
or whatever, you know?