When We Were Kings

'where you could imprison as many
as a couple of thousand people.

'Before the fight came, the criminal
rate in Zaire began to go up.'

A few white foreigners
had been killed, driving their cars.

And Mobutu decided that this would be
a disaster in terms of publicity,

so on a given day he had a thousand
of the leading criminals in Kinshasa

rounded up and put in this stadium,
down in the detention pens.

'And then the legend has it, and I
suspect the legend may even be true,

'that he had 100
taken at random and killed them.

'And the reason was
a particularly simple one

'from Mobutu's point of view.'
Career criminals have connections who
protect them when they're in trouble,

and by making this kill
of 100 out of 1,000 arbitrarily,

Mobutu was saying "Your connections
are worth nothing. I am Jehovah.

'"I will blast you out of existence
if you fool around with me."'

'He made his point, Kinshasa was
one of the safest cities in Africa,

'in all the world, while the foreign
press was there for the fight.'

(Slow blues)
'To me, the drum was the communicator
since the beginning of time,

'I'm sure it was
the first message ever sent.

'The beat today
and the beats centuries ago

'are the only thing
that's kept us together.'

We had this thing, when we hurt,
we sung for trial and tribulation,

and for relief, we sung songs to God
and this music that you hear today
is the same songs