When We Were Kings

# When I first met you, baby
# Baby, you was just sweet sixteen
# Just off your homeland, baby
# Oh, the sweetest thing
I'd ever seen #

The music I listen to, in most white
people's houses, I don't hear this,

because your culture wouldn't...
Your woman doesn't leave you
and slip away like our women,

because you had money
to keep your woman.

Your songs are like, "And the train
comes around that mountain,

"In the Folsom Prison,
in the Folsom Prison".

You know, "Y'all come, y'all come."
Chinese got diddly music,
"Pleen ting tang tong ting."

I don't want that and he understands.
Everybody's got their culture.

So we're not saying we hate you
or we're never talking to you again

and doing business, we don't do that.
We're saying
that we want to be independent.

# Baby, I wonder
# Yes, I wonder
# Baby, I wonder
# Oh, I wonder what in the world
is gonna happen to me #

(Plimpton) 'The great place
to visit in Kinshasa

'was a compound
about 20 miles up the Congo.

'A place called Enseli,
a presidential palace.

'That was where we saw Foreman,
who seemed incredible.'

I'd seen him fight before,
I saw him destroy Frazier

and the thing I always remembered
was that the beaten fighter,