When We Were Kings

even a man as powerful
and big as Frazier,

and he was very much favoured
to win that,

suddenly becomes the size of a pygmy.
They just diminish in size,
and Foreman suddenly became
this gigantic figure.

'And he had a trainer, Dick Sadler,
tiny by comparison,

'and Sadler would hang on to this
heavy bag while Foreman would hit it.

'Sadler would have been
picked off his feet.'

(Mailer) 'Foreman hitting the bag
'is one of the more prodigious sights
I've had in my life.

'Of all the people I've seen hit
heavy bags, including Sonny Liston,

'no one hit it the way Foreman did.'
At the end of 15 minutes
of pounding the heavy bag,

there'd be a hole,
not a hole but a huge dent,

the size of half a small watermelon
in that tremendous bag,

and Foreman used to use
the biggest heavy bag around.

'What would be interesting is Ali,
who would train after Foreman,

'would pass this large hall
where the training took place

'and he never looked at Foreman
hitting the heavy bag.

'He just walked right by
as if Foreman didn't exist.

'If you were gonna fight the man
'you didn't want to see him
hitting that heavy bag.'

I'm a speed demon!
I'm a brain fighter!

I'm scientific! I'm artistic!
I plan my strategy!
He's the bull, I'm the matador!
He's scared to death.
He's scared to death!
He wish he could
get out of the whole thing!

He wish he could get out of the whole
thing! The man is frightened!

He's meetin' his master,
his teacher, his idol!

- Time!
- Is that all?

When I talk and work I'm in shape,
it's all I do.

(Mailer) 'Ali announced
he was gonna dance.

'He spoke about it all the time.