When We Were Kings

(Sadler) Let's get this show
on the road.

This meeting is called to order.
Here, here.

The delay won't have
any effect on the fight at all.

There hasn't been...
there will not be a delay.

The fight will be rescheduled
but when it happens it'll be
actually intended for that time.

Fate intended it for another time.
There is no delay.

(Laughing) How does
Ali feel about it?

If there ever has been
any disappointments in sports,

setbacks or rainy days
that stopped a ball game, anything,

this is the worst of all time.
(Hauser) 'Muhammad went through
a bad couple of hours

'and wanted to move the whole fight
back to the United States,

'then he said "Bring Joe Frazier
over and I'll fight him again

'"and instead of each of us
getting $5 million,

'"I'll take $3 million
and Joe can take $1 million."

'Then he realised
nothing could be done about it

'except stay in Zaire an extra
six weeks and make the best of it.'

Now I gotta wait. He'll get his
whupping but I just have to wait.

Boy, I was ready!
I was gonna upset the world again!

The whole world was gonna
crawl and bow the next morning!

I was gonna defeat that big
indestructible George Foreman,

gonna rip him up!
I'm gonna get him
for a sparring partner.

My dream's all messed up
for six more weeks.

The man's in trouble,
the man is scared.

- He's in my country to start with!
- (Laughter)

He's in my country.
You wanna see some of my country?

Ali, boma ye!
(Crowd chants) Ali, boma ye!
Ali, boma ye!

Can you picture 100,000?
Can you picture 100,000?

How you say it?
Ali, boma ye, Ali, boma ye!