When We Were Kings

Don't leave! I need your strength!
He was startling looking.
Writers found different ways
to describe this uprush of hair.

Some would say that he'd stuck
his thumb into an electric socket.

Falling through an elevator shaft.
(Plimpton) 'The fight was postponed.
'Don King turned up and it seemed
maybe the fight wouldn't happen.'

Nothing as big as this
ever runs smoothly,

anything worthwhile
is worth fighting for.

If you think
about what Shakespeare said,

"the sweet uses of adversity,
"ugly and venomous like a toad yet
wears a precious jewel in his head."

"Ugly and venomous like a toad
yet wears a precious jewel."

How many fight promoters have tried
even one line of Shakespeare?

I can relate to the denial
they are confronted with,

the rat-infested hovels, sub-standard
tenements, overcrowded tenements.

I've been a part of it.
I know about roaches and rats.

When he started talkin' to me
I can understand him
and he can understand me.

So, when I do this here
he can understand.

Now he will believe in me
because he feels
that I have shared with him

the same anguish and anxiety,
the same pain that he has felt.

It's a big difference.
What would happen
if you took a small part

of the vast sums of money
being made from the fight

and put it into something that was...
that would help a number of people
rather than a few?

This is my dream and desire,
and I feel that I would need...
white counterparts to do this here.

I would say let me engender a large
amount of money, if it's possible,

and then don't just let the money
sit there and wither away and die

but put it into the sun so it could
germinate, blossom and grow.

(Hauser) 'He's a remarkable man.
'Don King is one of
the brightest people I've ever met,

'he's one of the most
charismatic people I've ever met,

'he's one of the hardest working
people I've ever met.'