When We Were Kings

He looks little in comparison
to what I'm getting from it!

But if I think about just me...
George Foreman knocked out
Joe Frazier like he was God.

He knocked out Ken Norton.
And the white press,
the power structure

rank me to get tired in five or six,
then I go in like Norton
and the rest of them and get scared.

But my God controls the universe.
(Plimpton) 'I was interested
in people called "féticheurs".

'They are witches, soothsayers,
'and in Western Africa
almost everybody has one.

'They go to a witch doctor
the way we would go to a dentist.'

Muhammad Ali had been
to Mobutu's féticheur.

He had said that...
The féticheur had said
that a woman with trembling hands

would somehow get to Foreman.
A succubus.
'And that impressed me enormously.'