Wish Upon a Star

Mr. Frauenfleder...
out of all your students,
is Hayley, perhaps, your favorite?

You, of all people, should be thankful
I don't rank my students, Alexia.

Well, between you and me...
do you think she has a shot at winning
the science fair and going to nationals?

Well, she's not very comfortable
at public speaking...

but I expect she'll get it right.
Hayley's very tenacious.
Thank you.
I'm coming!
Oh, we don't want any.
Oh, no. They're for you, Hayley.
A get-well thing.

I heard about your episode,
and I was worried.

Thanks, bud.
These are delish.

I'd ask you in, but I'm ill.
Maybe I'll see you tomorrow
at school or something.

You don't wanna know who I am?
I don't know you?
It's weird. Sometimes it's hard
for me to keep things straight.

People, places, nouns, in general.
That is weird.
I'm Simon Smalley.
I just moved in next door.

- I've been wanting to meet you.
- Thanks for the cookies.

So are we gonna get in the car?
We could do that.