Wish Upon a Star

Pick it up. Come on, guys.
Speed. Let's go!

Okay, let's bring everybody in!
And team!
Kyle, hold up a second.
I'm gonna start you.

Thanks a lot, Coach.
I was just studying
for a math test.

- It's tomorrow.
- Guess what I'm doing tomorrow.

- I give up.
- I'm starting!

Coach said my game is stronger.
It's gonna be amazing!

I'm gonna lead my team to victory.
You're gonna be crowned queen.

We'll dance all night.
How does that sound?

Like someone else.
I mean, there's no guarantee that
it's all gonna work out, but...

it's cool to think about.
Well, listen...
I was gonna wait until the dance to tell
you, but I want you to know something.

I'm... I'm sure it can wait.
- I love you, Aly.
- What?

I said I love you.
You shouldn't have
said that to me.

There's no pressure or anything.
You don't have to say anything back.

But I... It was just something
that happened this week.

I gotta go home.
I gotta study.

Wait a minute.
That's it?

Listen, the next time that you say it,
you know, the " L" word...

if you decide
you still feel that way...

pretend like
it's the first time, okay?